‘A twirling day’ is conceived as a modern tale about the absurdity of the decisions we can not control, about a fate that plays with us and against which we are predestined to lose. The city is depicted as a character devouring a man, unable to escape from it. The project intends to build a bridge between contemporary computer techniques and past movements such as expressionism and surrealism. Reality, with its trans mutational properties, becomes a distorted mirror through which we rediscover our identity.

A Twirling Day se concibe como un cuento moderno sobre lo absurdo de las decisiones que no podemos controlar, sobre el destino que juega con nosotros y contra el cual estamos predestinados a perder. La ciudad se representa como un personaje que devora a un hombre, incapaz de escapar de ella.

Creado por el 2020-12-18