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The Rise and Fall of Déklan Hawko

Creado por hace 6 años

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"The Rise and Fall of Déklan Hawko" is a series of short films about the importance of ego, time and silence, where each chapter is a phase of the five phases of a person's existence.

The Eternal Romance of Kiroir Refló & Döden

Creado por hace 6 años

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'Döden' means 'Death' in Swedish.

The Backwater gospel (2010)

Creado por hace 6 años

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El enterrador hace una visita al sombrío pueblo de Backwater, su población manipulada por un arrogante sacerdote sabe que la presencia de ese maléfico visitante significa la muerte próxima de uno de ellos. Cortomet...


Creado por hace 6 años

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David, an orderly at a hospital, tells his horrific story of being kidnapped and forced to play a vile game of survival. Saw (retrospectively also known as Saw 0.5) is an Australian short subject horror film, relea...


Creado por hace 7 años

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A stormy,rainy night is the back drop for something terrible that will occur