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But choosing the right course can help you enter the field and establish yourself as a professional. Many financial modeling and valuation courses in India also come with guaranteed placement. Read below the best Financial Modeling and Valuation Courses in India. This leads to the learning of financial modeling through some established courses. The above list shows the names of the various institutes providing financial modeling courses, the key features and the key learnings from the institute.

  • Coursera has business courses and Specializations on a wide range of topics, including financial modeling.
  • It facilitates the numerical projection of financial market or agent activity.
  • Provided that, it is imperative to stay in line with the new tools used in financial modeling for the smooth flow of business.
  • Industry employers prefer candidates with financial modeling skills.
  • This financial modeling course provides the required training to the candidates to let them understand the global financial market.

However, it is expected that you have some understanding of Excel and financial concepts. So, this course will be more beneficial for students with finance, commerce, banking, economics, statistics, or mathematics background. Refers to the process of creating financial models to estimate the valuation of an asset or firm. I can easily share your article on the best financial modeling courses in India with anyone searching for this topic.

Career Scope and Salary in Financial Modeling:

Before going ahead with the list of Financial Modeling and Valuation Courses in India, let us see what are the uses of financial modeling and valuation. Excellent course on financial modelling that covers a wide range of modelling and risk-related issues. The project was essential for comprehending and presenting the risk/return relationship from the view of an investment.

However, Students with mathematics, statistics, and economics background find it easier to understand the FM concepts. The beginner level programs do not require any prerequisite for enrolment. Comprehensible case studies based on real situations help to gain insights into the concepts. The skills are covered in such a manner so that they can be immediately showcased in jobs and interviews.

Apart from the courses, the program provides learning materials, excel, ppt, pdf files, assignments, tests financial models, and a template library to enhance your learning experience. Next on our list of best Financial Modeling and Valuation Courses in India is EduPristine, a premier finance training institute. EduPristine has collaborated with the BSE Institute of India for their 14-day financial modeling course, which covers various aspects of financial modeling and trains you to build a variety of financial models. Financial models can also be used for a variety of purposes such as cost estimation, projection of profits, forecasting future earnings, allocating resources, making budgeting decisions, etc.

But the skill of Financial Modeling is neither a God’s gift nor an inborn talent. This skill is based on learning and experience in the same field. It is the gateway to a prosperous career in business analysis, credit rating, project finance, equity research, and investment banking. Prepare summaries of financial studies, evaluate various companies, and train students to create capstone projects. Financial Edge’s Financial Modeling course online is an excellent choice for students and professionals who seek to specialize in studying the financial modeling of investments.


Individuals interested in pursuing a Financial Modeling career can apply to a variety of colleges and universities. Some key considerations for PG eligibility are listed below. As a beginner, you can start with 5 Lakhs which may reach up to 12 lakhs to 15 lakhs.

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The accredited FMVA Certification is a perfect great pick if you are looking for Financial Modeling and Valuation Courses in India. This certification can help you grow from beginner to expert in no time. These foundational courses will introduce you to spreadsheet models, modeling techniques, investment analysis, company valuation, forecasting, and more.

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Some of the key concepts covered include the time value of money, discounted cash flow methods, multiple methods, capital budgeting, decision rules, and current trends. End the classes by working on a capstone project by integrating the knowledge gained throughout the lectures and apply them. Right business decisions are a crucial factor for a successful startup. This class helps to learn about financial modeling for startup businesses and is geared towards entrepreneurs who are looking forward to gaining a better understanding of the key drivers of a new business.

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The candidates who pursue the financial modeling course will master the advanced excel skills and can understand the upcoming changes in the market. Therefore, the industries that work depending on the future demands and needs of the market require a professional in this field. This creates an opportunity for candidates who pursue this course. EduPristine Financial Modeling Course can help enhance your understanding of creating a financial model template with Excel. The programme assists you with the basics of financial modeling. It prepares you for job opportunities in the fields of project management, investment banking, business planning, equity research, fund management, private equity funds, and commercial banking.

Grab a cup of coffee and read on to know about the best financial modeling courses in India, and popular career prospects after this course. The course helps create efficient financial models, integrates financial statements, and also covers approaches to valuation. This course helps you acquire skills required to become a successful investor, financial modeling analyst, or help your start-up raise funds. Thus, it is helpful for fresh graduates, postgraduates, working professionals, MBA aspirants, investors as well as entrepreneurs.

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The list contains a lot of essential information for me to make the right decision. I can now easily figure out the institution that suits me to do the financial modeling course. Morgan financial expert specializing in private equity, founded the company in 2016.

Financial Modeling Professional Certificate from NYIF

But the ‘Cons’ being that the best financial modelling courses in india on completion is issued by Coursera, not The Wharton School, and the course only starts on set dates, so one has to wait for the next admission period. Another disadvantage is all of the course contents are pre-recorded, so there is no way to communicate with instructors if one needs customized assistance. This premium package is used as a training material at prestigious institutions and schools like HSBC, Halliburton, BMO, Raymond James, Lazard, Cornell University, Wharton etc. Though this is a slightly premium investment, it is absolutely worth the price. This course is made of following five smaller courses, so is in essence a 5-in-one training bundle. Structured Query Language What is Structured Query Language ?

They have mentors who are industry specialized and very well experienced in their fields. IIM offers more of a practical learning experience to its students. The above list shows the names of the various institutes providing financial modeling courses. This course is offered by HENRY HARVIN ranked among the top Institutes in India. If you want to learn more about this course I suggest to you one of the best institutes in India.

You need to all the courses and finish the hands-on project to be eligible for the certification. The Financial Modeling Course by IMS Proschool is an ideal pick among the Financial Modeling and Valuation Courses in India. They boast of being the first institute to introduce the financial modeling course in India.

Types of Financial Models:

It is a 9 in 1 course offered by Henry Harvin for the enlisters of the course and also guarantees money back and 100% Placement support for 1-Year post successful completion of the course. Understand, interpret and make meaningful interpretations of Financial Statements, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash flow statement . Determining the interlinkage between all three financial statements. This program is suitable for people in the fields of Investment Banking, Project Management, Equity Research, Business Planning & Strategy, Private Equity Funds, and Commercial Banking. It is also ideal for CAs, CFA Program-holders, FRMs, MBAs Finance professionals, B.Tech graduates and Commerce graduates who desire a career in the given profiles. As this is a project-centric program therefore heavy attention is paid to the hands-on aspects of the skills covered in the training.


By offering live project option, it lets students have real-time working experience in the industry. There is also an additional certification program on VBA and Macros. During this course, you can learn excel & advance excel, report writing, presentation skills, decision making, analytical skills, valuation methods, financial management and ratio analysis, critical thinking, etc.

Thank you so much for this wonderful way of explanation and letting us aware about the actual insights. Easier access to Excel-like navigation, entering of the data, manipulation, and so on. Special thanks to Priyanka Ma’am for making this course so exciting. Her teaching skills are amazing and she was so patient in clearing all of our doubts.

Business and Financial Modeling Certification (Coursera)

Lifetime access to course materials gives you plenty of time to complete the program, but Financial Edge doesn’t offer a guarantee on its courses. Refunds are available only on a case-by-case basis, and when course materials haven’t yet been downloaded or viewed. Before taking the course, be aware that this is a fairly advanced program.

Choose from individual courses, micromasters programs, and professional certifications. While building the Financial Model, you’re essentially applying Valuation Principles in a real-life scenario. Therefore, we recommend candidates to develop a good understanding of Equity Valuation Methodology before taking up the course. This is an intermediate level course meant for more advanced learners or those applying to more quantitative roles within finance. You learn more advanced functions as well as new tricks to help you get your modeling done faster. This course will get you desk ready for any Financial Modeling role.